Satan is a nerd

I don’t know what’s going on in the world but I can’t it seems like satan is on the move – literally.  I seems now that several times a week someone tells me that satan appeared to them in a vision or they’re being attacked by satan himself.

Now I understand this kind of thinking – because I’ve said it too.  Besides, we have to find some way to explain the things that aren’t working out quite right in our lives… so it must be satan… and maybe it is.  But just last night I had a revelation about the person of satan. Continue reading

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Your Sinful Nature

I recently had a conversation which I have not had in a long time.  It’s a subject that I am well acquainted with and struggled with in the early days of my faith.  But that was many years ago and I havn’t given much thought to the matter since.  The question that was posed to me (in the form of a forceful statement) is do we still have a sin nature?

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I tried to kill myself.

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This morning I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to share my own personal experience with revival.  I thought I’d start with how I got saved.

It all began on a ledge.  Not the metaphoric kind that we sometimes use to describe difficult circumstances.  Mine was a real ledge – I was twelve years old and I was seriously considering suicide.

The circumstances that led me to let ledge were mainly geographic in nature.  I was raised overseas.  In 1991, when I was six,  my family moved to the Middle Eastern nation of Qatar where we would stay for the next eight years.  Continue reading

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A testimony of love

I never knew how much insight being a bride of my husband would give me into what its like to be the bride of Christ. The lesson all began last night when I was getting ready for bed. I was filling up our humidifier when I clumsily spilled water all down my freshly donned pajama pants.  My husband came running into the room to see what the noise was about. He might have thought that I had seen a mouse the way I screeched. Continue reading

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Amazing Testimonies

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 Just this morning I was reading in Romans chapter two where Paul writes to the church in Rome, “It is the goodness of God that leads to repentance”.  I looked up the word “goodness” in a lexicon and while the word literally means kindness it implies long-suffering and acting in the welfare of the guilty.  It’s a picture of the cross.  When death was all we deserved we were given the gift of life through the benevolence of Christ.  

After my quiet time I got on the internet and immediately found this video.  I’m amazed that in every one of these conversion stories it wasn’t the harsh, wrath of a righteous Judge that set these people free, it was the kindness of God.  And what He’s done for you, me and the ones in this video, He can do for anyone.  So if you take nothing else away get this – People don’t nee you to remind them how bad they are, they need to be shown mercy and love and the kindness that our Father shows;  And you’ll have ‘em repenting faster than you can say, “Repent heathen!”.  


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That little book at the end

Until yesterday if you had asked me about the book of Philemon from the Bible would probably would have responded that it’s the little book at the back.  That was until I really read it.  I say “really read it” because I’ve read it before – more than once actually.  But I didn’t read it with the understanding I have now.  Let’s set up the scene. Continue reading

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